shower tray leak

Will a cracked shower tray leak and what damage will it cause?

If you have a shower tray leak, our advice is to get it fixed immediately. If not, you could incur costly damage further down the track.

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bathroom renovations

Our top five thrifty bathroom renovation tips

If you are selling your property and you want top dollar, here are a few bathroom renovation tips to ensure your bathroom looks its best.

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dripping shower head

The five main causes of a dripping showerhead and how to fix them

The sound of a dripping showerhead could mean wasted water and wasted money. Repair your shower with professionals you can trust!

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leaking shower damage on carpet

Leaking shower damage can cause serious problems

Leaking shower damage can lead to moisture accumulating in walls which affect the structure of your home. Act now to avoid.

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cracked tiles causing leaky shower

4 leaky shower questions answered

Here we outline the 4 most commonly asked questions about a leaky shower, what to do about it and how to avoid a disaster.

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