Shower Glass

Shower Glass Repairs

Shower glass can be replaced for several reasons, including damage, wear and tear or, in some cases, the shower glass itself can shatter completely rendering it useless. This can happen when you have several every day minimal impacts causing small cracks in the glass, which over time increase in size and number until the glass completely shatters. This doesn’t always suggest a fault. However, sometimes it can be due to incorrect installation of the glass itself or the hardware connected to it.

If your shower glass is badly scratched or irreversibly marked by hard water it can bring down the entire look of your bathroom, making it look old worn and unappealing. Replacing shower glass is a relatively quick and easy way to lift the look of your bathroom, making it feel clean and presentable once more.

Even if your shower glass is perfectly serviceable you may want to replace it to achieve a different look or feel in your bathroom. Glass comes in a variety of finishes including clear, frosted and opaque and tinted colours, you might want to incorporate a new type of glass into your bathroom.

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Acrylic Liners Removed &
New Supplied & Installed

The acrylic liner of any shower is the most important waterproof component. If the shower liner has any damage that penetrates through the liner, water from within the shower will leak through to the gib and wood behind it, creating a major rot issue.

Like all plastic, as shower acrylic ages, it tends to crack or develop holes that are not able to be repaired and require a full replacement. 

Whilst physical damage to the acrylic liner is relatively obvious to see, another issue that is not so obvious, but just as serious, is when the shower liner is not installed correctly over the base or, is of such a bad design that water travels up behind the liner in capillary action and sits behind the liner itself, resulting in long strips of slimy black mould dislodging during shower cleaning.

This is a serious issue, having mould like this in your bathroom poses a health risk and needs to be addressed. 

The Shower Doctor can come to your home, remove your existing shower liner, re-gib (if required) and install a brand new liner. If the shower base is also faulty the Shower Doctor can organise for this to be replaced at the same time, along with any other shower components that you want, or need, to replace. 

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