About Us

Shower Repair Specialists servicing Auckland, Hamilton and Cambridge.

Why Choose Us?

We listen, respond quickly and respect our customers

The owner of this family business is Barry Trotter. Barry has been involved in the home improvement and building supply industry for well over 40 years.

During this time Barry has developed business relationships with well-known national box store companies and preferred trade stores and of course, his loyal customers.

As you would expect from someone in business for this length of time, Barry has established a reputation for treating customers as he himself would want to be treated:  with respect and integrity.

Approximately four years ago an opportunity was presented in the speciality shower repair and installation market. After some training through a similar company, Barry struck out on his own. He believes in upskilling and continues to educate himself with emerging trends as the testimonials indicate.

Barry now offers his shower repair services in Auckland, Hamilton and Cambridge.

The Shower Doctor’s motto:  “happy customers lead to more customers”.

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