Shower Door Repairs


Shower Door Rollers

When you get into your shower your sliding shower door should glide smoothly, feel secure and be quiet. Your swinging shower door should fit seamlessly into its frame. Once you’re in the shower the door should stay closed, there shouldn’t be a rattle or any movement.

Sometimes as showers age (or sooner if they were not installed correctly) the parts in them will start to wear and require replacing. For shower doors, most commonly it is the shower door rollers, pivots and hinges. This can result in your shower door being hard to open and close, not aligning with the frame or simply making that dreaded grating sound when it opens and shuts.

Aside from the obvious aesthetic issue, broken shower doors can be dangerous if they fall, or derail to the point where they can’t be opened. The detract from an enjoyable shower experience and should be fixed as soon as the issue is noticed.

The Shower Doctor carries many spare parts and can complete many repairs on the spot, making the process quick and easy. If we do have to order parts, we will return as soon as they arrive to complete the job and get your shower door working as it should.

Our team of professionals will ensure that you get the best result in your bathroom, in the minimum amount of time and with the least amount of mess. We use proven products and we stand behind our workmanship. We can come to your home, replace your worn shower seals and sealant with hygienic, fresh seals and leave you with a bathroom that you will love!

Showerhead Repairs and Replacements

If your shower head drips when you turn on the shower, water runs down the hose when you’re in the shower or water squirts out in crazy directions while you’re showering, then you have an issue with a leaky shower head or leaky shower hose.

These issues can be caused by a number of factors, some of which can be professionally repaired and some that will require full replacement of the shower head or hose. The repair process differs depending on what the issue is and whether your shower has a mixer or separate taps, and this job is best left to professionals to diagnose and repair.

The shower doctor will come to your home and diagnose any issue with your showerhead and hose, we carry a large number of fittings and can complete most repairs on the spot. We also clean out any limescale or dirt deposits in your showerhead, leaving it clean and ready to provide you with the best showering experience.

If your showerhead or hose is not able to be repaired, we will discuss the issue with you and explain why replacement is the best option. We will then obtain the replacement parts (usually overnight) and return to install your new shower hose or head, leak free and ready to enjoy. If you would prefer to upgrade to a new, modern shower head we can do that too.

If we need to bring in a plumber to assist we will organise this, making the whole experience stress and hassle free for you.

Don’t wake up to a dripping shower head, call our friendly, professional team and get back to showering the way it’s meant to be!

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