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Shower Door Repairs

If you suddenly find you have a shower door that is leaking in or around the outside of your shower door, this is often due to an installation error in that the shower door trim hasn’t been sealed correctly. 

This mistake can be made worse by handymen or DIYers trying to fix the problem over time by adding caulk to the inside of the shower.  This does seem a logical fix but it’s not always the right solution.

Sometimes if the leak has been there for some time, you will find stains on the walls and water damage or mould where the shower meets the floor outside the glass shower door.

Aside from the obvious aesthetic issue, broken shower doors can be dangerous if they fall, or derail to the point where they can’t be opened. They detract from an enjoyable shower experience and should be fixed as soon as the issue is noticed.

The Shower Doctor carries many spare parts and can complete the majority of repairs on the spot, making the process quick and easy. If we do have to order parts, we will return as soon as they arrive to complete the job and get your shower door working as it should.

Shower Door Replacement

When the Shower Doctor looks at broken or faulty shower doors he will always assess the extent of the damage and whether it can be repaired or if replacement is the better (or only) option. If you have a broken shower door that is beyond repair, you may need to replace the entire door, including all of the hardware such as hinges, rollers and pivots. 

Even if your shower door is perfectly serviceable you may want to replace it to modernise, or change the overall look or feel of your shower, to match a new colour palette, or for any number of reasons. There is an overwhelming number of options and configurations available and it is advisable to engage a professional to ensure that your chosen shower door will work in your bathroom space. 

Whether your shower door is broken beyond repair, or you wish to replace it, the Shower Doctor has the expertise to deliver the finished product. We can provide a solution whether you decide to replace like for like and keep your shower the same, or you want to branch out into a new type of shower door. The Shower Doctor is your one-stop-shop for shower doors.


Replacing Faulty Rollers On Shower Doors

The shower door rollers enable the shower doors to glide smoothly and open without difficulty. Over time they can become worn out and will need to be replaced. 

Some people try their hand at this with a D.I.Y. repair job. Don’t end up wasting all weekend trying to do it yourself.  There’s a lot to be considered when you remove the shower door.  

Getting it right requires a professional.


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