Our top five thrifty bathroom renovation tips

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The Shower Doctor with over 40 years of experience in the home improvement industry, offers tips and techniques on how to renovate your bathroom on a budget.

If you’re looking to sell your property and you want top dollar for your investment, you need to make sure that your bathroom looks its best. You want potential buyers to walk into the bathroom and imagine themselves enjoying the luxurious experience of showering in their new house, not deducting the bathroom renovation cost from the sale price. Not only does a bathroom renovation increase the overall value of your home, it also makes it more attractive, increasing the number of potential buyers. 

Not everyone has the budget for a full bathroom renovation but you can improve its appearance without investing thousands. Here are our top thrifty tips for a bathroom makeover to sell your house.

Banish mould

Bathroom mould is unsightly and can indicate an issue with poor ventilation or water damage. Mould can be a dealbreaker for some purchasers. Use bleach or specialty mould removal products and ensure adequate ventilation during the sales process to prevent it from returning. 

If you have mould on your sealant or seals, they will need replacing.

Replace silicone sealant

As a rule of thumb, silicone sealant should be replaced every two years, or whenever it shows black or pink mould that can’t be removed. Replacing silicone sealant instantly gives your bathroom a lift, freshening your shower, bath and sink.

Whilst removing and replacing sealant is technically a job you can do yourself; you need to be sure that you purchase the correct sealant, completely remove the old sealant, properly prepare the surface and apply a clean, tidy and hygienic bead of new sealant. 

We recommend leaving this job to the experts.

Shower with mouldy silicone and grout

Repaint the bathroom

Never underestimate the power of a lick of fresh paint! This is a low-cost way to modernise the look of your bathroom without a full bathroom renovation. Cover all your bathroom fittings completely before painting to protect from stray paint splatter (or painting disasters). Stick to light, neutral colours that make the bathroom feel crisp and airy. Whilst white is not everyone’s preference, it is unlikely to deter any potential buyers.

Replace shower hardware

Yellowed, split or moudly shower seals and rusty, stiff shower rollers age your shower. Worn and damaged shower parts make your bathroom look tired and broken, devaluing your bathroom. For a relatively small investment, you can have a professional replace those seals and rollers and revamp the look and feel of your shower.

For an even more impressive bathroom renovation you may decide to update your shower head, hose or bathroom tapware.

Clean, clean clean

Make sure every inch of your bathroom sparkles, all surfaces are dust and debris free, remove all visible clutter and fold luxurious, matching towels for display. Whilst your house is on the market make sure to wipe everything over each morning and dry shower and shower glass to keep your bathroom looking its best.

The Shower Doctor is the expert in reviving a tired shower. Our professional staff can have your shower looking fresh and ready to sell with a minimum of fuss and hassle. Contact us today for a free quote. 

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